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Who We Are:

IDCON is a uniquely specialized management consulting company that helps manufacturing and process industries maximize profits by improving reliability and maintenance practices. For more than three decades, our reliability and maintenance strategies have been applied successfully worldwide in virtually every type of industry.

What We Do:

IDCON’s mission is to help our clients increase production reliability and lower manufacturing and maintenance costs. While the traditional maintenance approach focuses almost exclusively on equipment, our philosophy emphasizes achieving results through people. IDCON works with your team to create the sustained levels of awareness and buy-in required to produce the processes, action and change that will transform your company’s organization and garner bottom-line results.

Our Services
  • Consulting on Best Practices in Reliability and Maintenance
  • Education/Training in Best Practices in Work Process for Maintenance and Operations
  • Implementation of  Work Processes for Reliability in Maintenance

Why We Are Different:
Experience. Independence. Philosophy. These three words summarize what makes IDCON unique. We are not the only consulting company with reliability and maintenance management experience. But few can boast our years and depth of experience. Begun in Sweden in 1972, IDCON relocated our corporate headquarters to the United States in 1985. We’ve worked with people in many cultures all over the world in virtually all types of manufacturing and process industries, including mining, pulp, chemical, food, power generation, refineries, automotive, forestry, breweries, steel, paper, biochemical, pharmaceutical, cement and more. IDCON’s specialization is reliability and maintenance management. Because we don’t sell other engineering services, parts, tools, equipment, hardware or software, our independence means objective and credible advice and support for our clients. Our philosophy has evolved over more than three decades. Instead of copying the latest reliability trend, IDCON has developed our own common-sense strategy for maintenance management. Called Results Oriented Reliability and Maintenance (RORM™), it focuses on a layered and logical approach that examines all facets of an organization, from planning and scheduling to prevention and basic equipment care. Our experience, independence and philosophy combine to make IDCON unique.

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